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Products :   bath confetti
STC BATH CONFETTI(colorful bubble bath )NICE FEELING, BEAUTIFUL GIFT PACK FOR YOU TO ENJOY YOUR BATH TIME. 100% made of Soap Itself - Weak Acid Soap of Ideal pH6 Unique fantastic and attractive. Elegant French fragrance and bright colors. Leave skin fresh, clean and soft Soak in the soft soothing fragrance Dissolve in warm water for a beautifully fragrant,foaming bath nice feeling, Beautiful gift pack, in order to enjoy your bath. SHAPES: round ;flower; heart; fish; star; duck or customed shapes.SCENT: rose; lavender; ocean; apple; lemon; strawberry; jasmine or customed scents.COLOR: RED, PINK, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE, White or Panton colors.
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8g confetti soap sheet in a round pvc box
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